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Why is the MessengerBank CREDIT Token different than other coins in the marketplace?

MessengerBank is selling reality, not dreams… Many cryptocurrencies are on the market however they are not forthcoming or always transparent with information, management, or what is backing the cryptocurrency in the first place.    With MessengerBank we strive to be extremely transparent as we are a fully licensed and regulated bank in 4 countries.  Our CEO/Founder Kent Kristensen is very visible, readily available, and fully committed to social media allowing for great leadership.

First the MessengerBank’s CREDIT Token (MBCT) is a utility token that is used for a global settlement instrument.  It is 100% legal throughout the world.  This is not an ICO as MBCT is fully funded.  MessengerBank is a real brick and mortar bank that is 100% compliant and fully regulated! We offer a real exchange that is very simple to use and can be accessed from your smart phone. Our MessengerBank Exchange can be used as a trading platform until you buy or sell for a fee of only 1%.  Our private Blockchain is the fastest network in the world, which is 20 times faster than Ripple, 100 times faster than Stellar and is 700 times faster than Ethereum! At these incredible speeds MessengerBank is capable of processing over 1 million transactions per second, which is lightning fast.  This is what gives MessengerBank a huge competitive advantage and clearly is the most advanced cryptocurrency on the market at this time. Simply said, “We are faster, better and cheaper than our competition”.  

Remember, MessengerBank is a fully licensed bank so compliance is paramount.  All aspects of MessengerBank is totally transparent as they comply with worldwide banking regulations. The diverse management team has extensive experience across the board, including an all-star staff of some of the top Blockchain programmers and security experts in the world. 

Why MessengerBank CREDIT Token may be the Best Opportunity of our Lifetime That You Haven’t Already Missed!

eVantage360 has an opportunity of a lifetime and wants to share it with our community.  eVantage360 was fortunate to be able to secure the MessengerBank Credit Token MBCT very early in bulk. Buying in bulk gives the affiliates an opportunity to purchase at a strong discount which in return offers eV360 affiliates a great income opportunity.

We have designed a unique program that will allow our affiliates to sell the MBCT to your own network and make a potentially great living doing so. Wait to you see just how powerful this program is by utilizing our MBCT Calculator.

eVantage360 is now offering MBCT which is MessengerBank’s utility token or cryptocurrency at $4.50 per coin.  Once the Bank and Exchange opens (projected for 3rd Quarter 2018) the price will begin to fluctuate, however we will be locked in at this low price for a specified amount of time. 

This could potentially be truly a “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity. You are at the right place at the right time with MessengerBank and eVantage360. 

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Messenger Bank Credit Token Referral Calculator
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Messenger Bank Smart Contracts are verified and automatically credited  after 7-10 Business Days. 

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