Welcome to your future. Are you in? You will be immersed in knowledge, and enjoy a Savoir-faire like none other. You are guaranteed a life time experience. Perhaps a life changing one. Come prepared with an open mind and a blank spiral notebook. 

 Meet some of the best trainers in the world. 

You will be honored and celebrated for your contributions as well.

Friday, October 26th - Private Party, Invitation Only
Saturday, October 27th - Main Event

The evening will be a Gala introduction to our newest NASGO partners and recognition of top Sharenode Ambassadors. We will enjoy Keynote speakers such as:




Session 1

Why Tokenize in the Entertainment Industry – Henning Morales

The Future of Music – Jimmy Thomas

Empowering Artists – David Tickle

How to Maximize the Sharenode Compensation Plan – James Hardy

How to get Businesses on the NASGO Platform – Butch Chelliah

Tokenization Made Simple – John Lynch

The Future of Marketing – Amico – Eric Tippetts

Session 2

Doors open at 6:30

7:00 Opening Award Ceremony will include:

Top 100 NASGO companies featured and Recognition of top Sharenode Ambassadors 

The First Trillion Dollar BlockChain – Eric Tippetts

Building a Global Business – Butch Chelliah

Never Give Up on Your Dreams – Steve Chiang

Be in Business for Yourself but not by Yourself – James Hardy

A Celebration of Success with Live Music Performances by some of our NASGO members who are Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry!