Del Mar / March 3rd

Del Mar / March 3rd

The Cryptocurrency and Digital Marketing wave is here; Learn to ride, profit, and have fun with it!

Interested in learning more about the new “Digital Goldrush” we are in? With all the talk of digital everything, (i.e. Uber, AirBnb, and Netflix) and Cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin, “coins” and ICO’s) do you wish you had more time to learn, but don’t know where, with whom or how?

Join a team of business professionals that are passionate about learning and getting educated enough to make better decisions on all things digital, focusing on Cryptocurrency, and how to put affordable digital branding to work so you soar beyond your competition and enjoy lower cost marketing.

This event will give you the confidence that there are resources at your fingertips you can use with confidence and can create the additional income we all need. When you see the Who, What, Why, AND How easy it is, you can have it all right NOW!

Join us and let eVantage360 guide you on this exciting digital journey!!!



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