The Crypto eVantage

eVantage360 understands the struggles of navigating the Greatest Revolution since the dawn of the internet, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. We hear it all the time, what is it? How does it work? where do I start? What’s the risk?

Crypto eVantage answers these questions and more. We challenge traditional education, offering independent and impartial resources covering numerous topics.

Here is how it works:

Our digital community offers a variety of ways for you to participate. Students get Messenger Bank (MBCT) tokens as a Bonus with each course purchased. Use these courses to receive a Crypto Education or refer others seeking to understand Crypto Currency and be rewarded with referral bonuses including the potential of additional tokens.

Who is this for?

The Program is designed for anyone who wants to Understand Crypto Currency and How it Works. Some of the Topics Covered in these Courses include ;
* What is CryptoCurrency?
* Types of CryptoCurrency Available
* Strategies to Participate in CryptoCurrency
* What are the Drawbacks?
* The Future of CryptoCurrency
* And Much More

The Crypto eVantage is Presented by eVantage360 and is sponsored in part by Messenger Bank.

Free MBCT Tokens with Each Course Purchased.

Included with the Purchase of the Courses offered are MBCT Tokens from MessengerBank. These Tokens have Intrinsic value and will serve as a Real “Hands-On” opportunity to understand the Utility and Application of CryptoCurrency in Real Markets. These Tokens are issued to the Subscriber and Include all privileges associated with the MBCT Token.

Why is the MessengerBank CREDIT Token different than other coins in the marketplace?

MessengerBank’s CREDIT Token (MBCT) is a utility token that is used for a global settlement instrument.  It is 100% legal throughout the world.  This is not an ICO as MBCT is fully funded.  MessengerBank is a real brick and mortar bank that is 100% compliant and fully regulated! We offer a real exchange that is very simple to use and can be accessed from your smart phone. Our MessengerBank Exchange can be used as a trading platform until you buy or sell for a fee of only 1%.  Our private Blockchain is the fastest network in the world, which is 20 times faster than Ripple, 100 times faster than Stellar and is 700 times faster than Ethereum! At these incredible speeds, MessengerBank is capable of processing over 1 million transactions per second, which is lightning fast.  This is what gives MessengerBank a huge competitive advantage and is clearly the most advanced cryptocurrency on the market at this time. Simply said, “We are faster, better and cheaper than our competition”.  
MessengerBank is a fully licensed bank so compliance is paramount.  All aspects of MessengerBank are totally transparent as they comply with worldwide banking regulations. The diverse management team has extensive experience across the board, including an all-star staff of some of the top Blockchain programmers and security experts in the world. 

The Crypto eVantage Referral Income Possibilities Projection

Messenger Bank Referral Calculator
The Crypto eVantage Education Program (Crypto 201 Used For Illustration)
Referral Comp for Crypto 201
Personal Referrals
Level 1 Referrals
Level 2 Referrals
Level 3 Referrals
Direct Agency Customers Income

** This calculator makes several assumptions. 

  1. The Projections are based on the Crypto 201 Program.
  2. Based only on MD 30% Override. ($200 x 30% Override)
  3. Level 1 Referrals perform at 50% of Personal Referrals
  4. Level 2 Referrals perform at 50% of Level 1 Referrals
  5.  Level 3 Referrals perform at about 50% of Level 2 Referrals with the minimum value set at  2 

Crypto 101

Bonus Offer - Free 50 MBCT Tokens
$ 499
+ 3.5% Convenience Fee
  • How & Why Crypto Works
  • Successful CryptoCurrency Trading
  • "Bad" Crypto (No-No's)
  • Crypto & Goverments
  • Video & Download Series

Crypto 201

Bonus Offer - Free 120 MBCT Tokens
$ 999
+ 3.5% Convenience Fee
  • All in Crypto 101
  • Blockchain Technology
  • ICO's & Tokens
  • Crypto Checklist & Playbook
  • Crypto Mastery E Book

Crypto 301

Bonus Offer - Free 300 MBCT Tokens
$ 2499 + 3.5% Convenience Fee
  • All in Crypto 201
  • POW & POS Concepts
  • Delegated Proof of Stake - DPOS
  • "BlockCom" & Tokenizing
  • Advanced Nasgo & Sharenode

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